Patriarchy Rears its Ugly Head

Feminism isn’t only about me or even women, but it involves everyone on the planet. In India there is a nasty rape crisis occuring in Uttar Pradesh(India’s most populous state). There has been an increase, not only in rape but brutally violent rape. You can read the entire story here. The article doesn’t hit the problem on the head. Rape is not the problem. Rape is the tool. The problem that these girls face is not that they don’t have indoor plumbing. Poverty isn’t the issue. Poverty is the result of the patriarchal society we live in. The author points out that many of these girls are Dalit girls, formerly known as “untouchables”. Not only is this a gender issue but a class issue, like many gender problems we face.  

These women are being raped because they aren’t valued. It’s not only the police that need to be more responsive but society as a whole. The glimmer of hope in this article is that officers will take reports more seriously now. The same police force that is responsible for two rapes?  We need a complete overhaul of how we refer to one another and a mutual respect for each other, regardless of gender.